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About Us

About Our Company

Founded in 1923 in Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture, this year marks the 97th year of the company, and its main business is dyeing and organizing fabrics. To briefly explain, it is a consignment process in which the woven fabric is washed and dyed to make clothing. The characteristics of the Bishu production area are the twisting process, yarn dyeing process, weaving (knitting) process, dyeing arrangement process, and each company divides the labor to manufacture textiles. It is an important key industry to decide. One of the three major wool producing areas in the world, it is called Bishu (Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture), and it is a high-quality fabric for national brands and overseas luxury brands with dyeing and organizing technology that makes full use of old-fashioned equipment and the latest equipment. We offer processing of.

About Brand Director

Despite providing materials and processing to famous European luxury brands with excellent sensibility and technology, there are manufacturers that are hardly known in Japan. Soto Co., Ltd. has been operating a dyeing and rearranging factory in Bishu (Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture), which is known as one of the world's three largest wool producing areas, for years, and has processing technology that enhances the attractiveness of the material. Burns Factory Co., Ltd. has a factory in Tokyo and manufactures products with the spirit of "complete from one thread to a product". I would like to collaborate with a Japanese manufacturer with such true technological capabilities to create a brand for the world. Bringing Japanese sensibility and technology to the world! With that in mind, we decided to launch a new brand produced by Hoshiba in collaboration with two manufacturers with excellent Japanese technology. The name is " MOVB". Movimento , which means "movement" in Italian, Vestito , which means "clothes", and Bellezza, which means "beauty". It is a new brand that makes full use of wool jerseys that take the acronym of the three keywords.

I narrowed down the colors to only the basic colors of men such as navy, gray, camel, and black that I like. The biggest feature is the innovative sewing technology hidden in the minimal and elegant design. By sewing the cut fabric flat like a piece of fabric, it is easy to move and creates amazing comfort. If you actually wear a minimalist and beautiful jacket or coat that is not influenced by fashion or the times, you will be impressed. The times are from fast fashion to slow fashion. We hope that we can help enrich your life as much as possible through the clothes of "MOVB" that combine Japanese craftsmanship created by accurate and careful work with global standard design.