Duplex Cotton

コンパクトヤーンとナイロンを交編した組織に、ポリウレタンを編み込んだDuplex Cotton Jerseyを使用しています。この素材は伸縮性に優れ、かつ耐久性に富むため、出張や旅行に最適です。特殊機械で高密度に編まれた両面組織のベアポンチ構造を採用し、形状保持性に優れています。原料のコンパクトヤーンが毛羽立ちの少ない綺麗な表面を作り出し、さらにシルケット加工により滑らかなタッチに仕上げています。 ハードに着用してもヨレや皴が気にならない、Movbのテーマであるハイブリッドスタイルウェアにふさわしい生地です。

Recommended Wear Season: All Season
Embark on a journey of new encounters, discoveries, and paths in life with the "Travel Series," equipped with multi-pocket functionality, designed for the modern adventurer. This collection features our Duplex Cotton Jersey, a sophisticated blend of compact yarn and nylon intertwined with polyurethane, delivering unparalleled stretch and durability, ideal for travel and business trips.
Engineered on specialized machinery for a high-density, double-sided Bare Ponte structure, this fabric excels in retaining its shape. The use of premium compact yarn minimizes pilling, creating a pristine surface that is further enhanced by a silk-like finish, offering a supremely smooth touch. Designed to withstand the rigors of extensive wear without sagging or wrinkling, this fabric perfectly embodies MOVB's theme of hybrid-style wear, making it a quintessential choice for the discerning traveler who refuses to compromise on style or functionality.

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