Duplex Wool

新素材「Duplex Wool Jersey」は、ウール・ナイロン・ポリウレタンを掛け合わせた特殊な糸を、独自の両面編み機で“高密度”に編み上げた「ダブルジャージー」が特長。

Recommended Wear Season: Autumn & Winter (September to February)
Introducing the innovative "Duplex Wool Jersey," a distinctive double jersey meticulously crafted on specialized knitting machines that intertwine wool with reinforcing and stretch threads in a high-density weave. This unique fabric boasts the resilience necessary to create exquisite drapes, adding an artistic flair to each garment.
The double jersey technique not only enhances the fabric's elasticity but also preserves the natural benefits of wool such as wrinkle resistance, antibacterial, and odor-blocking properties. At MOVB, the focus is on creating a tightly knitted fabric that mimics the appearance of woven cloth, offering an elegant finish that is central to our design ethos.
The surface of the fabric maintains the characteristic smoothness and warmth of wool while undergoing a treatment to minimize fuzz, resulting in a refined, glossy look with enhanced drapability. Leveraging the expertise of Soto Co., a century-old leader in dyeing and finishing processes, the fabric's texture is maximized to its fullest potential, rivaling even the finest suit materials. This Duplex Wool Jersey offers a tangible richness and smoothness that instantly signals its premium quality.

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