Helix Wool

Helix woolは尾州の紡績が持つ特許製法でできたクリアなウール糸を使用しています。
ウールの繊維束にナイロンフィラメントを包み込んだ原糸は皴になりにくいうえに摩擦に強くさらには伸縮性があるのでMOVBのLuxury Jersey & Moving仕様にぴったりの糸となっています。

Recommended Wear Season: Spring to Early Autumn (April to October)
Helix Wool, crafted using a patented spinning technique exclusive to Owari, utilizes a remarkably clean wool yarn surface. This unique yarn is engineered by wrapping wool fibers around a nylon filament, creating a yarn that not only resists creasing and is highly durable against friction, but also boasts impressive elasticity. This makes it an ideal choice for MOVB's Luxury Jersey & Moving specifications.
Knit in a typewriter structure at a high gauge of 36G, the resulting fabric is an exceptionally stretchy jersey that minimizes undesirable stretching at stress points such as elbows and knees, thus maintaining its shape over time.
The finishing touch is a Super Clear processing technique used during the dyeing and finishing stages, which enhances the fabric's surface, giving it a pristine and luxurious appearance. This treatment significantly reduces pilling, ensuring a sharp and clean surface that complements the sophisticated aesthetic of MOVB's designs.

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