Real Silky Cotton

そのプレミアムな原綿を紡績工程でコットンボールが開いたときの優しく”フワフワ”なボリュームまで嵩高性を増幅し、綿が持つ本来の膨らみ感のあるしなやかさを再現した糸、それがReal Silky Cottonです。その糸で編んだジャージ生地を100年企業であるソトーの染色整理加工で至極ソフトな風合いに仕上げました。
編み立て後、整理加工の工程で「Real Silk 加工」という特殊技術を施しています。リサイクルした極細シルクショートファイバーをジャージ生地の表面に蒸着する加工と、更にバイオ処理をすることで綿表面の毛羽が抑えられた綺麗な表面感とソフトさを付加いたしました。

Recommended Wear Season: All Seasons
Introducing our T-shirts and cotton fleece crafted from an exceptionally rare and premium cotton material, utilizing ultra-long staple Supima cotton cultivated in the United States. This premium raw cotton is spun into Real Silky Cotton—a yarn that amplifies the gentle, "fluffy" volume experienced when cotton bolls are opened during the spinning process. This yarn replicates the inherent puffiness and suppleness of cotton to its fullest.
Knitted into a jersey fabric, this yarn has been treated to an exquisitely soft finish by Soto Co., a company with a century of expertise in dyeing and finishing processes. Following the knitting, a unique 'Real Silk Processing' technique is applied during the finishing process. This involves affixing recycled ultra-fine silk short fibers to the surface of the jersey fabric and further enhancing it with a bio-treatment that reduces pilling and adds a clean, soft finish to the cotton surface.
The special spinning process combined with the application of silk fibers during the finishing treatment creates a fabric texture that offers an unparalleled soft and dry-cool feel, providing a luxurious touch and exceptional comfort. This innovative blend of craftsmanship and material science ensures our garments not only look exquisite but also offer superior wearability.

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